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Production processes of aggregate production line

Standard definition refers gravel aggregate production line for mixing concrete or mortar sand, gravel or gravel. Sand production line in accordance with the expected size of points,then divided into aggregates production lines and artificial sand production line, is the equivalent combination of stone production line and sand production line. Now the natural sand has been unable to meet the huge demand for raw materials engineering, so sand and gravel aggregate production line has become a trend. In construction, road and other projects are essential.We usually say gravel aggregate refers to the mid-frame construction with concrete, filling the role of loose granular material, widely used in construction sand, high-speed railway construction,highway construction and water conservancy and hydropower construction which,we can see that sand and gravel aggregate market prospects for production line is very impressive, prospects gravel production line equipment investment is very ambitious.

aggregate processing line

The general workflow gravel production line: the stone crushing machine by an initial crushing, then produced into a coarse material transported by belt conveyor to the fine crusher for further crushing,crushing stone into the shaker after the screening of two stones,feed size to meet the sand sand stones into sand,another part of the back feed into the thin broken.Sand stones into a part made ​​of sand,sand Jingxi machine (optional) finished products after cleaning the sand, another part of the Sand broken into again.Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of cone crusher,jaw crusher and impact crusher,etc., to provide professional aggregates production line configuration solution for your investment aggregates production line equipment to provide strong support.

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