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The basic requirements of the quarry plant on the location of the excavation face

Blasting efficiency , digging the productivity of workers on the slope , the convenience or not of the product transport , as well as the organization of drainage lines and work layout is correct or not relevant . When solving the layout of the work line , we must consider the following key indicators .

The first point:Mining of limestone , granite and other rock deposits , the rock cracks .
Lines of work should be arranged parallel to the main crack , thus making us able to blasting work outside the embrasure Ae pry split a large block of rock . When limestone is less than 0.5-1.0 m sub- layers of the plot , and well-developed joints , you can not blast impress dig useful minerals the main ore body (for example, in the Bo Luote Yang factory quarry plant " pry crack rocks) . The layout of the work line parallel to the main crack , while mining stones will not break not into the shape of the block , while block similar to the rules of geometry , thus reducing made ??boxing stone .

quarry plant excavation face

The second point:Slope of the roof and floor of useful minerals and surface rock .

Useful mineral layer or the occurrence of waste rock layers are usually with the horizontal at an angle into the choose the direction of the lines of work , it is necessary to consider whether the slope : the selected line direction to make the mining production crystal can be shipped to the downhill far, only love Now in the last resort before transporting to the small uphill .Mining deposits in the example shown in Figure 01 , in the section ABCD within the useful minerals roof elevation changes from 71 to 81 . If the selected line direction is along the line AB , AB the height difference between two points is equal to 6.0 meters at point B only way this line of a point 6 meters high , which would difficulty in transportation organizations . If selected along the line 2 - 2 line , smoothly along the practice road dug Phi face within the total period of almost horizontal .

Transport line length, the direction of the work of the stack should ensure that transport to shake the length is the shortest , and the length of the transport line fixed deposits in the mining period . If the transport 6P away is fixed, then the entire period of the mining quarry , the number of devices the same.

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