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What are the names of the crusher ? Are the same machine?

The front Sand Yifan Machinery to share with you : "Yifan Machinery vital interests of the put in the first place was undoubtedly the leader in the industry“.crusher mining machinery now is obvious , but in practical applications , but also plays an important role . However , due to historical reasons and technological development factors , the name of theQuarry crusher is also varied, with different features . That in the modern trading , there are a lot of time for understanding and interpretation of the name has become a major barrier for mechanical trading . Below , Yifan Heavy Industries is the name of the simple classification , we hope to bring help .

The crusher nickname .

Quarry Crusher is mainly used for crushing stone , crusher , stone crusher . Also useful for its three - named features , such as quartz sand crusher , sand making machine , milling machine , grinder , etc. .

二、The difference of the specific name
(1) Crushing principle .
    Currently the most popular naming scheme is the most easy to distinguish the products named .
(2) Appear at different times , on behalf of named .
    The first generation of crusher , the second generation of the crusher , which named the market , omitted to talk about .
(3) Product particle size lead to different naming .
    In accordance with the product particles from largest to smallest is divided into the crusher, sand making machine , milling machine , the general said crusher means the main product particles larger than 2cm crushing machinery , Sand and mill specifically refers to the product particles smaller machinery . Sand is a crusher (and later refers to the smaller particles machinery ) , it is part of the Sand is also known as crusher , such as the impact Sand the shaft impact crusher counterattack efficient Sand has also become a counterattack and efficient crusher .

三、Several major crusher .

(1) Cone crusher ( cone crusher )
       The improvement comes in the jaw breaking the principle and main characteristics of the filter too hard and a large block of stones to protect the machine , take full advantage of gravity, to extend the time of the crusher , single - mode squeezed into extrusion and back pressure . The disadvantage is that still not suitable for the perfect stone , too high maintenance costs .

(2) Jaw crusher ( jaw crusher , jaw broken , etc.)
   Jaw crusher ( jaw crusher ) translation from English over its main features moving jaw and static jaw squeeze completed , was the first one of the broken machinery for the crushing of the main principle is simple , solid and durable , has been in the market occupies a large share of . The drawback is that models are too old , simple functions , the ability to control the finished product is too weak . Later modified in the fine jaw broken, and the main entrance width is lengthened , improved particle size and other programs , to extend the life of jaw - breaking market and increase market share jaw broken .

(3) hammer crusher ( hammer broken )
      Broken by the hammer blows of mechanical , is a branch of the crusher , hammer crusher , ring hammer crusher , Impact Crusher , counterattack hammer crusher . Depending on the hammer , is also divided into soft hammer crusher and hard hammer crusher . Depending on the feed in a different direction , into the vertical shaft and lying shaft . Only compound crusher ( Compound break ) the use of a vertical shaft , it is also often referred to as the vertical shaft crusher , vertical shaft composite broken .

 (4) Other crusher .
    Roll crusher , Van crusher , double roll crusher , a smaller range of applications , not described in detail here .

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