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How to reduce the pollution of the environment of sand and gravel material

quarry plant and gravel processing equipment , most of the strong sources of noise and dust source on the surrounding environment pollution, the threat to the health of production personnel , should be given due consideration in the selection of equipment and technical design .

The following main points :
(1) quarry plants selection, should meet the crushing process to determine the ratio under the premise of similar equipment , try to choose a low center of gravity , the range of motion of the rotor or convergence board , excellent protective performance of equipment , from the source of noise to a minimum .

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(3) the shaker to ensure that the screening efficiency on the basis of the screen to try to choose a good damping effect of the polyurethane screen .
(4) in the system planning stage , we must proceed from the concept of environmental protection , the location of the system to select a place far from the office and living facilities and residential areas , while crushing screening plant as we choose in the cove area to avoid dust and noise diffusion .

Aggregate crushing and screening process in order to guarantee the quality of processed gravel material and reduce processing costs, the production of dry and wet production or a combination of two processes can be divided into general , depending on the processing characteristics of raw materials and scale .
Aggregate processing process design should meet the technical requirements of concrete aggregate under the premise , as we choose a relatively minor impact on the environment the dry production process . The wet production process , you must take reasonable wastewater treatment process for comprehensive utilization of waste water, waste , turning waste into treasure , to minimize the disposal of waste residue to reach the environmental protection requirements .

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