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Hydraulic cone crusher

Zhengzhou clients.owing machinery equipment Co., LTD. (from the mountain's technology (Beijing) Co., LTD. Holding), is China's well-known broken screening equipment manufacturers. We provide the whole series of broken screening equipment, including hydraulic cone crusher, jaw, impactor, vertical impact crusher (the sand machine), the mobile crusher and vibrating screen, we not only to provide cost-effective products, but also provides the first-class service support and solutions. Products in large national key project find applications, such as the capital airport expansion, the national grand theatre, xiangjiaba hydropower station, the JinAnQiao hydropower station, the GuanDe hydropower station, the baoquan pumped storage power station, hydropower station, gansu boat dam nine gorge hydraulic project he, shenyang-dalian high-speed, hangzhou high speed, high speed, the comprehensive reconstruction and other high-speed bearing, in addition, complete sets of equipments have been exported to Russia, Mongolia, central Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. The company has more than domestic crushing and screening points of experts, with a strong new product research and development ability.

cone crusher introduction:
SMH series hydraulic cone crusher is absorbing the advanced technology in the world today broken developed of advanced level cone crusher, widely used in metallurgy, construction, water and electricity, transportation, chemical industry, building materials industry, suitable to crush hard, medium hardness of the above all kinds of ores and rock. SMH series hydraulic cone crusher is a high performance cone crusher, in design, stroke and will speed crushing cavity type to optimize the combination, make its realized the grain layer between pressure and broken, significantly increased production, the product shape also greatly improved.
Hydraulic cone crusher features and technical advantage:
SMH series hydraulic efficient hydraulic cone crusher is better than the general hydraulic cone crusher greater advantages:
1, broken than the big, high production efficiency
-will speed and higher with stroke, make the SMH crusher power rating and through the ability greatly improve, improve the production efficiency and crushing ratio. The hydraulic cone crusher will break stroke, broken speed and crushing cavity shape of the perfect combination of design, spring break than old-fashioned taper the high yield 35% ~ 60%.
2, the vulnerability of consumption, lower cost
-the result is reasonable, the broken principle and technical parameters advanced, reliable operation, and operation cost is low; All parts are have the specialized wear-resisting protection, will reduce maintenance costs to a minimum, general service life can be increased by 30% or more.
3, laminated crushing, finished product grain shape are excellent
-by the use of the grain layer between the special design pressure principle crushing cavity and matching speed, instead of traditional single particle breaking principle, realize to material selective fragmentized, improved the product fine material ratio and the cube content, largely reduce the needle flaky materials.

Quarry Equipments,Spring cone broken features picture 01

 4, hydraulic protection and hydraulic qing cavity, a high degree of automation, reduce downtime
-hydraulic governing discharging mouth and overload protection make crusher operation level is greatly improved, the maintenance more is simple, the operation is more convenient, down time more short; SMH series cone crusher a tow-way iron release hydraulic cylinder can let iron through the crushing cavity, the machine in happened iron and instantaneous stuffy car off, hydraulic up top, automatic discharging, and greatly reduce the original spring cone crusher required shutting down the artificial discharging troubles, and many other manufacturers in the crusher but will with death and stop tube pass.
5, rare lubrication, reliable, and improve the service life of advanced
-unique thin oil lubrication system design, greatly improving the service life of equipment. High performance non-contact labyrinth seals no wearing, improve the reliability of the block dust, fundamentally eliminate the original spring cone crusher oil-water mix some common failures.
6, a variety of crushing cavity type, flexible application, strong adaptability
-SMH cone crusher just changing the fixed cone lining board, moving cone linings, crushing cavity shape can be from the standard type to the thick cavity super short head super fine cavity type any transform, adapt to the big range the granularity of product requirements.
7, simple maintenance and convenient in operation
-SMH cone crusher all parts can be from the top and side disassembling and maintenance, moving cone, and the cone disassembling convenient, no need to open the installed frame, the bolt, thus SMH cone crusher daily change lining board more convenient. Using hydraulic motor, make crusher production efficiency is the best.
8, it provides higher production capacity, the best product grain shape, and easy to automatic control, with the maximum reliability and flexibility, and really for users to create more value.

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