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Quarry Equipments,Spring cone broken features

Quarry Equipments,Spring cone broken features:

1, higher production capacity, quality is better;

2, reduce downtime;

3, convenient in maintenance, maintenance cost is low;

4, for broken, finely, super in providing the best broken scheme finely homework.

Quarry Equipments,Spring break of cone USES:

Cone crusher,This kind of cone broken widely used in metallurgy industry, building industry, industrial, chemical industry and building roads phosphate industry, apply to crush hard and hard ore and rock in, such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, basalt, fai green rock, etc. By crushing cavity type ore use decision: standard is applicable to break in, medium is applicable to finely, short head type used in starlight.

Spring break of machine with broken cone principle: this machine mainly by the frame, transmission, empty partiality axis, bowl form bearing, broken cone, adjusting devices, and adjust the set, spring and adjust the row of hydraulic pressure station with mine mouth components. Crusher work, motor through the horizontal axis and a pair of bevel gear drive eccentric collar rotation, the broken line in the axis of cone of eccentric collar to do the spin move forced a movement, making the crushing wall surface and near and sometimes leave the surface of the wall over a mortar, thus make ore in broken cavity is continually extrusion and bent and broken.
Quarry Equipments,Spring cone crusher work principle and use picture 02

Spring break cone work characteristics:

1, moving cone turns continuously, and the material of the fracture process and unloading process work along the surface of continuous alternately, productivity high.

2, material caught in between two cone, was squeezed, bending and shear function, and more easily broken, power consumption is low.

3, product LiaoDu is evener, a cube shape, moving cone working surface is also wear uniform.

4, structure introduction, its structure is mainly a cone crusher frame, horizontal axis, moving cone, balance wheel, eccentric set on, crushing wall (fixed cone), crushing wall (dynamic cone), and hydraulic coupler, lubrication system, hydraulic pressure system, control system and several parts.

5, moving cone, and the cone are is buy, moving cone swing, crushing cavity in the material near the mouth, and the moving cone cone has a gap between equal with the parallel, make the finished product LiaoDu even. The feeding port size is not big, can handle is after the first broken material.

6, this series cone crusher using dry oil or water two sealing method, the dust into the human body impurities can't, so as to ensure the oil embellish clean, extended the sliding bearings, thrust ball bearing the using life and make the machine reliable operation.

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