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The tailings disposal bring new methods YiFan Machinery

Mine tailings has always been our most troublesome problem , one of its large intractable , and second, technology is not yet mature.

YiFan Machinery study found that the tailings contain a useful resource temporarily can not be recovered . If indiscriminate discharge , not only caused the loss of resources , but also pollute the environment , exploitation of mineral resources industry to become a major problem . YiFan Machinery Mining experts brought new tailings disposal method .

quarry plant
quarry plant

From the recent market analysis , the demand for iron ore resources in a steady upward trend , based on this trend , the investment customers have to pour iron ore resources . At the same time , the development of large quantities of iron ore resources behind tailings also attracted everyone's attention. Today , energy conservation is a big trend in resource development , if not well handled iron ore tailings, random stacking , will not only cause serious waste of resources, but also cause serious pollution to the environment , exploitation of mineral resources to become the industry challenges, hinder the pace of development of mineral resources .

Through years of experimental research , the experts found that the mine concentrated into a paste tailings disposal is a good new way to achieve its gentle slope of the open-air stockpiles . Although the application of technology has been introduced redirected twenty years, but very few can be used worldwide stockpiling thickened tailings technology places, because not all of these existing facilities can be concentrated by a separate machine to achieve sufficient solids dewatering concentration , resulting in the accumulation of the finest grade and tailings storage efficiency .

And compared to conventional wet processing methods , tailings YiFan Machinery proposed new method for handling , processing equipment in the concentrated tailings pile eliminates the risk of leaks caused by the dam burst and cause internal erosion piping system failure. Compact automatic control Deep thickener in design, performance and usability of developed rapidly, without the use of filters and centrifuges , can also be stacked to produce a uniform paste , therefore , to rekindle people on the dry tailings pile interest.

Improve the stability of the tailings stockpile vigorously protect water resources and reduce the impact on the environment, but also become a popular demand worldwide . In iron ore processing equipment, for example , iron ore beneficiation process in our country at present are mostly concentrated iron tailings in the tailings pile , using this method can effectively make these iron tailings utilization, turning waste into treasure, can used as building materials , waste water treatment , glass-ceramic production , recovery of valuable metals and non-metallic elements , magnetic tailings utilization programs for some of the soil improver .

Many enterprises have no ability to do well in the dressing while processing tailings , YiFan Machinery suggestions, you can learn methods of construction waste and municipal solid waste , construction company specialized tailings disposal , tailings centralized processing , which addresses the tailings pile problem, but also to avoid the environmental pollution.

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