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May occur during buy crusher trap

Now is the era of information technology , not only to buy daily necessities , and even big-ticket items such as crusher users also tend to be carefully pre- selected sites in major industries .
But the fast and convenient to buy often also bring some risks even traps, we interviewed a well-known marketing manager crusher Henan YiFan machinery manufacturer , we asked him to sort out some of the crusher may appear when the optional problems.
First, the price false . Under normal circumstances , offer crusher equipment should be cost plus profit , this profit is about 20 % of the equipment cost convergence is now common , so you should be able to be able to draw on some equipment suppliers after-hours visits and consultation probably a reasonable price range for some of the crusher. If a vendor offer significantly higher or lower than the reasonable range , you should be careful : the price is too high , it may be as you are being taken advantage of , manufacturers attempt to obtain excess profits , so greedy manufacturers directly without considering , of course , its equipment has any " super power " is another matter , but this is unlikely;offer was too low , do not get too excited , but be careful, a sub-price goods, the equipment is to buy back the boot operation If too cheap lead manufacturers meager profits , I'm afraid you can not buy qualified products , so rather reasonable price , there must be thick enough to buy the product , so the product safely in the boot operation .
Second, some unscrupulous businessmen, may be compromised in the service , although sales of equipment , regardless of the installation, or installation fees in addition to close , or when a big opening service , leading to customer repair nor not repair nor had to eat Yaba Kui , which are not in line with industry norms of behavior test , so customers when signing the contract manufacturer must carefully examine existing customers , and clearly these details in the contract .

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